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Pastor Josie Smith



Pastor Josie Smith was born in Florence, South Carolina. She is married to Deacon Dwight Smith and is the mother of Josette Smith-Lloyd. She graduated from the College of New Rochelle and obtained a Baccalaureate of Science degree in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in psychology and social work. She continued her education at the Bethel Bible Institute located in Queens, New York.

She is the founder and Pastor of the Gospel of St. Luke Church, Inc., located in the Bronx, New York, where she has pastored for thirty-six years. Pastor Smith’s ministry includes the overall needs of the community. Within her ministry there exists a multitude of spiritual gifts and forms of ministry such as: family and individual counseling, marital counseling, food and clothing drives, outdoor “gospel explosions,” educational workshops, spiritual retreats, and the teaching of God’s word.

For approximately ten years Pastor Smith has been a member of the Clergy Coalition of the 47th Precinct and presently serves on the executive board as their 1st vice president. She is also a volunteer clergy liaison for the five boroughs of New York City for community affairs which was authorized by 1 Police Plaza.

Pastor Smith has travelled extensively abroad to countries such as: Cuba, London, Jamaica, Spain and Trinidad. She has been instrumental in, not only spreading God’s word, but also in the building of educational facilities, providing educational materials, also food and shelter in these countries.

The most important ingredient of Pastor Smith’s ministry is love. Through spreading God’s love, the ministry has flourished. As she embraces the many years of pastoral leadership, she is looking forward to remaining open to God’s guidance and direction.